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Winter Bash

Winter Bash is the first season for Riders Republic and is availible until the 21th of March 2022. You will receive some other season progress, exclusive challenges and some thematic rewards.

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Prada Linea Rossa

The Italian brand Prada Linea Rossa now cooperates with Riders Republic. You can now wear Prada sportswear while playing the game. There are also new events, in-game outfits and a new Prada sponsorship program.

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Showdown is the second season for Riders Republic. You get some new areas, 6v6-multiplayermodus and some massa races. Besides that, you get also special outfits and races such as the Wheeling-modus.

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Summer Break

Summer Break is the third season for Riders Republic. During this season you get weekly spotlights (including Reforestation-event), new vehicles called Juggernaut and the Sniper, and a brand new event for BMX.

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