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Question 1

Eagle Vision was known by several different names in the Assassin's Creed franchise. What was it not known as?

1. Odin's Sight
2. Knowledge
3. Instinct

Question 2

Locate Solomon's Temple in order to retrieve the artifact hidden within.

Beneath the Dome of the Rock in the southernmost part of the Rich District, marked by the large white circle.

Question 3

The Third Crusade was an attempt by several leaders to take over the Holy Land. How many years did it last?


Question 4

Select the person who reveals the name of Altaïr's father under torture from the Saracens.

1. Ahmad Sofian
2. Al Mualim
3. Abu'l Nuqoud

Question 5

Identify the target seen through Eagle Vision to successfully carry out the assassination.

The "golden" man standing in the center of a ring of Crusaders.

Question 6

After his failure at Solomon's Temple, Altaïr is tasked to assassinate nine Templars. Which of these people were not on the list?

1. William of Montferrat
2. Garnier de Naplouse
3. Abu'l Nuqoud
4. Masun
5. Majd Addin
6. Talal
7. Robrt de Sablé
8. Jubair al Hakim

Question 7

Cryptic messages have been left in the Abstergo laboratory. Select which glyph shows the Nazca Lines.

The spider, hummingbird, and monkey.

Question 8

Over time, the Apple of Eden #2 passed through many hands. Identify who owned the artifact for 44 years.

1. Apollodorus
2. Ibn-La'Ahad
3. Eliabeth I of England

Question 9

Find the Cathedral of the Holy Cross to look out over the entire city of Acres.

The Latin cross-shaped building in the southernmost part of the Rich District.

Question 10

Select the track that plays during the iconic fight between Altaïr and Al Mualim.

1. Access the Animus
2. Trouble in Jerusalem
3. Masyaf In Danger

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