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Question 1

A brutal attack leaves young Eivor with vicious injuries and a title. Reveal the beast they defeated at the lake.

1. Moose
2. Bear
3. Wolf

Question 2

You stumble upon a chest, and feel it could open if you enter Eivor's year of birth date, which is:


Question 3

Identify the Stealth Adrenaline skill in the Skill Tree to become an even deadlier assassin.

Immediately left of the second blue skill along the outer edge.

Question 4

Identify the reliable ally that has accompanied Eivor since their journey began.

1. Housecarl's Axe
2. Raider Axe

Question 5

Find the two God favors with the lowest priority number to best your opponent and emerge victorious.

1. Víðarr's Might
2. Iðunn's Rejuvenation
3. Baldr's Invulnerability
4. Thrymr's Theft
5. Vár's Bond
6. Ullr's Aim
7. Odin's Sacrifice
8. Brunhild's Fury

Question 6

One of these gods are not like the others. Prove your loyalty to the Norse gods and find the imposter.

1. Loki
2. Hades
3. Thor
4. Tyr

Question 7

At last! Excalibur is in your hands. Upon closer inspection, you notice the pattern on the hilt matches...

It was the first one (A).

Question 8

Sýnin was the raven that accompanied Eivor throughout their saga. The name itself is derived from the word Sýn, which means:

1. Insight
2. Vision
3. Knowledge

Question 9

You reminisce about the Order and the moment their leader was found. The music you heard then was:

1. All Things Must End
2. Trust the Currents
3. Ragnarök - Twilight of the Gods

Question 10

After crossing the North Sea, Eivor sets foot in Ravensthorpe. The first building you decide to build here is:

Gunnar's blacksmith shop

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