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Question 1

Whilst waiting for his father, a young Arno chases down a girl at the Palace of Versailles. What does she dare him to steal?

1. Bread
2. An apple
3. A macron

Question 2

At the start of the revolution, Parisian citizens storm and capture Bastille prison. Who does Arno escape with?

1. Pierre Bellec
2. Jacques Cagnard

Question 3

Arno protects Théroigne de Méricourt and other women during the Women's March in Versailles. Which day did it take place?

1. September 5
2. October 5
3. November 5

Question 4

During the French Revolution, many were sentenced to death by guillotine. Select the person that did not meet this fate.

1. King Louis XVI
2. Marie Antoinette
3. Fabre d'Églantine
4. Jean-Paul Marat

Question 5

Improve your stealth and choose the skill that reduces damage and helps you recover faster when you fall.

The third image on the bottom row (feet).

Question 6

An iconic moment which marks the end of the Revolution. Who is responsible for abolishing the Directory?

1. Georges Danton
2. Arno
3. Napoleon
4. Maximilien de Robespierre

Question 7

After acquiring the Apple of Eden #1, where on his person did Napoleon hide it?

Tucked into the coat.

Question 8

Deposit the correct amount of livres to upgrade the entirety of the Café Théâtre.

1. 21.250₣
2. 22.000₣
3. 22.250₣

Question 9

A song that is reminiscent of and pays homage to which track in the Assassin's Creed franchise?

1. Stealth
2. Ezio's Family
3. Spirit of Damascus

Question 10

Locate the Café de la Bièvre in order to fund your next mission.

South of the Pont Saint-Louis bridge linking Île de la Cité with the smaller Île Saint-Louis

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