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Question 1

At Ferris Ironworks in Croydon, who gives Evie and Jacob Frye their first mission as assassins?

1. George Westhouse
2. Ethan Frye
3. Henry Green

Question 2

Carriages were not only used for travel. One of its greatest features was that it could:

1. Allow entry into the Palace
2. Become a hideout
3. Hide bodies

Question 3

The Rooks, a London gang that fights against the Blighters. At one point, the color of their clothing changes from green to black, as they are led by...

1. Jack de Ripper
2. Evie Frye
3. Karl Marx

Question 4

Jayadeep Mir, the last Assassin in London. More commonly known as Sir Henry Green, or as Jacob Frye calls him...

1. Ghostie
2. Greenie
3. Greenz

Question 5

Darwin's path crossed several times with the Frye twins, as he fought to prove his theories of:

1. Marxism
2. Evolution
3. Gravity

Question 6

Brass knuckles are synonymous with Jacob Frye. Choose the Slynky's Fist so he can fight off his enemies:

Second from left on the second row.

Question 7

A hideout that is always on the move. Locate it on the map to successfully board the train.

Gold train engine icon on left.

Question 8

The Frye twins had different intentions when they went to London. Evie's was to find a Piece of Eden, which was:

1. Freya's medallion
2. Ring of Eden
3. Crystal Skulls
4. Shroud of Eden 2

Question 9

Charles Dickens, one of the greatest novelists in Victorian times. Enter the year he first met the Frye twins.

1. 1867
2. 1868
3. 1869
4. 1870

Question 10

As the assassins fight to recover the Shroud of Eden, which track is playing in the background?

1. For those we loved
2. Family
3. Underground

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