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Question 1

Shay Cormac arrives back at camp to find they've been attacked by the British navy, and gets into a fight with:

1. Liam O'Brien
2. Louis-Joseph Gaultier

Question 2

An earthquake is triggered when the Piece of Eden is retrieved from a convent. Where does this tragedy take place?

1. New York City
2. Sleepy Hollow
3. Lisbon
4. Glace Bay

Question 3

The Seven Years' War, a global conflict primarily between Great Britain and France. How many continents did it take place in?


Question 4

At Versailles, Shay kills Charles Dorian to retrieve a Piece of Eden. The artifact itself was:

1. The Voynich manuscript
2. Crystal Ball
3. The Precursor box
4. Apple of Eden

Question 5

Sleepy Hollow is home to something sinister at night. Find the location of the headless horseman to end his reign of terror.

At the Old Dutch Church

Question 6

A weapon that makes its first appearance in Rogue. Select the compression cylinder to fully utilize the air rifle.

1. The action
2. The trigger
3. The barrel
4. The forend
5. The grenade launcher

Question 7

Select the Morrigan's original wheel to set sail in Shay Cormac's iconic ship once more.

Third on bottom row.

Question 8

Shay's Templar outfit was adorned with many symbols. Find the Celtic knot to complete his initiation into the Templars.

3On his coat's red shoulder straps.

Question 9

The Morrigan sank many ships during the Seven Years' War. Identify the vessel it did not manage to sink.

1. The Storm Fortress
2. The Sceptre
3. Cauldron
4. Argonaut
5. Gerfaut
6. The Experto Crede
7. The Pilgrim
8. Couronne

Question 10

After helping Benjamin Franklin recover the lost pages of his Almanac, you recall the publication itself ran for how many years?


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