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Question 1

Desmond awakens on Animus Island and meets a digital version of Clay Kaczmarek, otherwise known as:

1. Subject 16
2. Sample 17
3. Subject 4

Question 2

Upon arrival in Masyaf, Ezio is ambushed and captured by Byzantine Templars. The Templar commanding them was:

1. Leandros
2. Vali cel Tradat

Question 3

Identify the assassin that led Yusuf Tazim to eventually join the Order.

1. Ezio Auditore da Firenze
2. Ishak Pasha

Question 4

A tragic memory relieved by Desmond through the Animus. Which of these assassins were carried by Altaïr to the pyre to be burned?

1. Abbas Sofian
2. Al Mualim
3. Malik Al-Sayf
4. Swami

Question 5

Piri Reis, a master assassin and bomb maker. Assist him with his creations by choosing the casing that will cause the bomb to explode on impact.

1. Fuse bomb casing
2. Trip-wire bomb casing
3. Sticky bomb casing
4. Impact bomb casing

Question 6

Suleiman the Magnificent was considered as one of the greatest rulers of the Ottoman Empire. How many years did he reign?


Question 7

A hook-and-run can cause the hookblade to be temporarily caught in an enemy's armor. Identify the enemy this applies to.

1. A Byzantine Stalker
2. A Janissary

Question 8

Locate the Galata headquarters to join the Ottoman Brotherhood of Assassins.

The northern-most end of Constantinople, at the bent wall leading to the Galata Tower

Question 9

The armor of Ishak Pasha, an unbreakable set of armor that was said to have mystical powers. Select which piece will give Ezio +3 health.

The greaves

Question 10

In the Nexus of Time, Desmond is shown a vision of the disaster that befell the Precursors. The song playing during this scene was:

1. The Revelation
2. Labored and Lost
3. The Crossroads of the world

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