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Question 1

Ezio leaves the underground chamber of the Vatican and is met by a familiar face. Who was it?

1. Mario Auditore
2. Cristina Vespucci

Question 2

You come across several wanted posters of Ezio, and vaguely remember his bounty was worth...

1. 40.000 Florins
2. 45.000 Florins
3. 50.000 Florins

Question 3

War Machines were created in order to strengthen the Borgia's army. These mechanical devices were invented by:

1. Cesare Borgia
2. Leonardo Da Vinci
3. La Volpe
4. Silvestro Sabbatini

Question 4

Select the ambient track that plays as you explore the Centro District of Rome.

1. Borgia - The Rulers of Rome
2. Echoes of the Roman Ruins
3. City of Rome

Question 5

Identify the item Ezio loses when the Borgia launch a surprise attack on the Villa Auditore.

1. Dagger of Brutus
2. The Apple of Eden 6
3. The Armor of Altaïr
4. La Volpe's Bite

Question 6

The Colosseum, a public amphitheater that can hold up to 50,000 people. Enter the year it was used for the Passion Play.


Question 7

Desmond got his hands on Ezio's precious items... Choose the item gifted to Ezio by Lorenzo de' Medici after the death of Jacopo de' Pazzi.

1. Maria Auditore's feather box
2. Claudia Auditore's record book
3. Mario Auditore's sword
4. The Medici cape
5. Ezio's belt

Question 8

Castel Sant'Angelo was used by the Papacy during the Renaissance period. Which district can it be found in?

In the Vaticano District, in the map's northwesternmost corner.

Question 9

Correctly choose the five images to unlock the secrets behind this puzzle, and reveal the truth.

Select the five images of aristocrats not doing any sort of work.

Question 10

Desmond and his allies have located the Apple of Eden. Identify the Isu who appears to him to reveal the truth.

1. Jupiter
2. Juno
3. Minerva
4. Neptune

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