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Question 1

Edward leaves Caroline to pursue his dreams of becoming a privateer. How many years at most does he tell her he'd be gone for?

1. 2
2. 3
3. 4
4. 5

Question 2

Choose the ship formerly known as El Dorado, captained by Edward during the Golden Age of Piracy.

1. Jackdaw
2. La Dama Negra

Question 3

Edward Thatch, an iconic pirate more commonly known as Blackbeard. The ship he commandeered was called:

1. Queen Anne's Revenge
2. The Morrigan
3. Royal Fortune

Question 4

Sea shanties are the perfect way to pass time when you're out at sea. The shanty that's playing here is called...

1. Randy Dandy Oh
2. Fish in the Sea
3. Drunken Sailor

Question 5

The Republic of Pirates, an anarchic proto-state founded by Edward Thatch, James Kidd, and...

1. Samuel Bellamy
2. Benjamin Hornigold

Question 6

Find where the Elite Fire Barrel Strength is located to freely roam the seas aboard the Jackdaw.

At the ship's stern, below the quarterdeck

Question 7

The third Golden Age of piracy began when the final Treaty of Utrecht that ended the war was signed. Which year did this take place?

1. 1705
2. 1710
3. 1715

Question 8

You come across an old map detailing all the lands that Edward has traveled. Where can the Observatory be found?

In Long Bay, Jamaica, due south of Cuba's arcing southern tip.

Question 9

As Edward infiltrates a Jamaican prison to rescue fellow assassins, he sees someone familiar imprisoned in a nearby cell. Who was it?

1. Vance Travers
2. Julien du Casse
3. Charles Vane
4. Adéwalé

Question 10

You discover a treasure map with no clues to its location other than a simple drawing. But, you faintly recall seeing a place like this in...

1. Cayman Sound
2. Misteriosa
3. Abaco Island

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