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Question 1

As the present-day assassins discover the Grand Temple, Shaun Hastings quotes a line from a well-known literary classic, which was:

1. Wuthering Heights
2. To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Question 2

Before Achilles Davenport trained Ratonhnaké, also known as Connor, he was previously Mentor of the Colonial Brotherhood for how many years?


Question 3

Aveline de Grandpré finds out the identity of the Company Man. It turns out to be:

1. Madeleine de L'Isle
2. William Johnson

Question 4

Prior to the Revolutionary War, Paul Revere warned colonists of the British Army's arrival. The mission where you help him was called:

1. Alternate Methods
2. Unconvinced
3. The Midnight Ride

Question 5

Hunt and skin animals in the Frontier to earn money to survive. In Black Creek, which of the following animals cannot be found?

1. A hare
2. A bobcat
3. An elk
4. A Raccoon

Question 6

Identify the first assassin and Liberation Contact that Connor can recruit in Boston.

1. Duncan Little
2. Stephane Chapheau
3. Jacob Zenger
4. Deborah Carter

Question 7

A song that plays in Desmond's last moments when Juno shows him the future. You recall the name of the track was:

1. Desmond's Destiny
2. What Come Before
3. A Bitter Truth

Question 8

After several confrontations, Connor finally manages to kill Charles Lee. At which tavern does this happen?

1. The Buckman
2. The Last Drink
3. The Green Dragon

Question 9

The Boston Tea Party was a protest in retaliation to the Tea Act in 1773. Locate where it takes place.

In Boston Harbor, at the map's southernmost anchor icon.

Question 10

1. Lucy Stillman
2. Subject 16
3. Juno

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