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Taly Shym has established herself as a DJ and producer in the techno and indie dance music in Ukraine and got more than 100k followers on Instagram. Taly did many performances in more than ten different countries. But who is she? I will tell you something more about DJ Taly Shum in this article!

She was born in Poland and she is nowadays living in Biarritz (France). She has already played at various events, festivals and clubs since her start in 2018. We are talking about the great artist DJ Oskana! I will tell you something more about DJ Oskana in this article.

She studied at the USC education and she hopes to bring the positivity to her listeners with her great music. We are talking about the artist Jessie Spartano. She released her latest song ‘idc’ on the 8th of October 2021. I will tell you something more about Jessie in this article!

With more than 7.200 followers on Instagram and 3.400 followers on Facebook is Simone van Erp (Sedutchion) well-known as a voice-over, vocalist and songwriter. Nowadays she has more than 40 collaborations and nearly 40.000 monthly listeners on her Spotify account. But who is Simone? I will tell you something more about Simone van Erp in this article.

Ketsyha was born in Puerto Rico and is a R&B, Soul, Funk and Gospel singer, songwriter and producer. She writes music about self-worth, hope and love. But who is the artist Ketsyha? I will tell you something more about her in this article!

She studied at the Cornish College of the Arts (CCA), plays jazz saxophone, jazz piano and she write her own songs. Katelyn Mallone was born in Eugene (Oregon - USA). She moved to Seattle (Washington - USA) after she graduated for the high school in 2004. But who is Katelyn Mallone? I will tell you something about the artist Katelyn in this article.

It’s time for some new music because it is Friday again. A lot of new songs are released today. One of these artists is the American artist Eva Cassel from Nashville (United States of America). Her latest single release “Given Up” is out now! I will tell you some more about this single of Eva in this article.

IANADI is a sing and songwriter from the United States of America and she released her debut single ‘Spirit’ on the 31th of August 2021. She produced this song with the Grammy nominated producer Jon Evans. But who is IANADI? I will tell you something more about her in this article.

When we are talking about art, musician, poetry, civil engineer and mindfulness trainer, then we are talking about Deniz Celebi, also known as her artist name FEARDROP. Her goal is to make an (emotional) connection between art and music which will be the opposite of her serious work as a civil engineer. In this article I will tell you some more about the artist behind FEARDROP and about her latest single release "Red Flags"!