Graphic design

Poster Hineni Symfonie Orkest Concert Bunschoten Spakenburg



It is still important to work on your offline media campaigns, such as posters, flyers or magazines for your concert, festival or event. You can also think on photobooks or brochures.


I can help you in a short time period to create offline printed materials. With my knowledge and experience with some Adobe products, I can create the pre-production of an offline media campaign and deliver the printed materials at the printing company before the deadline.

Online projects


Adobe InDesign is a graphic design program to design books, magazines or order (digital) reports. In the past few years, I made many reports, some e-books and several posters with Adobe InDesign in combination with the other Adobe products, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dimension and Adobe Illustrator.


With my experience I can make various digital projects for you. For instance, making a monthly report, making an e-book or some other reading documents. With my own workflow and process I can create an action plan to achieve the highest results as possible so you can get the highest quality of work in the end.

Grafisch vormgeving MJB Events PR
Grafisch vormgeving MJB Events PR

Corporate identity


Most of the companies are nowadays present on the internet. The internet is more than ever the most important place to be and where you can create your whole brand. This can be done with good corporate identity, for instance how your brand (such as logo, colours and tone-of-voice) needs to be.

Social media


It is important to manage your online presence. For instance, your identity on social media. I can help you with this by creating social media headers for Twitter or Facebook, or creating icons for social media content or creating specific content for your social media campaign. Don’t forget the photo or video header on your own (business) website.