2D and 3D

Concert podium in 3D tekenen met Google SketchUp

2D drawings


An 2D drawing is important for every event, festival or project. Not only for your visitors or clients, but also for your organisation and government.


I can make an 2D drawing for you with professional software. This is very handy for your application form at the government, for emergency authorities or for a disaster during an event.

3D drawings


3D drawings are a valuable addition to a 2d drawing or for your event, festival or concert. You can create a good image about what people can expect when they will visit your festival, concert or event. You can show for instance the concert stage, the food trucks or objects on your festival terrain, or you can use it as a communication tool for marketing purposes.


I will draw an 3D drawing for you with a couple of professional software. If you prefer, I can also make a 3D animation video for you. This can increase the expectations and enthusiasm of the visitors.

Concert podium in 3D tekenen met Google SketchUp