The voice over, vocalist and songwriter Simone van Erp (Sedutchion)

Voice over, vocalist and songwriter Simone van Erp (Sedutchion Music)Photo: © Simone van Erp / Sedutchion Music

The voice over, vocalist and songwriter Simone van Erp (Sedutchion)

With more than 7.200 followers on Instagram and 3.400 followers on Facebook is Simone van Erp (Sedutchion) well-known as a voice-over, vocalist and songwriter. Nowadays she has more than 40 collaborations and nearly 40.000 monthly listeners on her Spotify account. But who is Simone? I will tell you something more about Simone van Erp in this article.

Simone is living in the south of the Netherlands and was born in Eindhoven (Netherlands) in 1987. Music has played a big role in her life since she was young. From playback shows to playing on the keyboard and singing in a church choir. Nothing was too crazy for her and she really enjoyed it.

Simone took the step to take singing classes when she was 19 years old. Nowadays she is still the lead singer in her band. Not too much later, in 2012, her career began to take another twist. She was responding to a Tweet on Twitter from an American techno DJ who was eager to collaborate with someone who could record the vocals for his new track. Simone assumed she would not get a response back, but the opposite is true. The American DJ responded to her Tweet and indicated that Simone’s voice was really cool and would like to collaborate with her. The feedback from the DJ was incredible and Simone was advised to do more with her voice. So saying, Simone and the American DJ made her Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts to promote the amazing voice of Simone. As a result, Simone’s career has begun in the music industry!

“Music is my life, the lyrics are my story” – Simone van Erp


The start of Sedutchion

She had to come up with an artist name, because she made her social media channels in that period. The name Sedutchion was born and is now the name of her own company. This name was created after several brainstorming sessions and considerations.

The name Sedutchion comes from two names. Seduction because Simone’s voice sounds very sultry, low and beautiful to the ears. Dutch because she comes from the Netherlands where she was born. Combining these two words created the name Sedutchion and is the name of her company.

Through many promotions, recording demos and maintaining her social media channels, Simone has continued to grow with her artist name Sedutchion. This allowed her to purchase better and more professional equipment and is still using in her recording studio in her garage.

With this improvement and with the collaboration with the American DJ she rolled into the world of the harder music styles. Nowadays she got over the 40 international collaborations on her name. But she does not only have this experience, because her name is actually on several music albums as well. For instance on the albums Explosive Cartuning, Masters of Hardcore and Ziggy X Feat. Sedutchion – Frequencies Lost. All these music is also on Simone’s Spotify account.

“My highlight was the collaboration with ‘Vandal!sm’ and when they played the song on the mainstage of Thunderdome.” – Simone van Erp



The voice of Simone and her dream

In addition to this collaboration with Vandal!sm and the albums which are mentioned earlier, she has worked with other artists like Skinrush, Ziggy X, Tyfon and Vindicate. She achieved this through her experience as a voice over, vocalist and songwriter. But also by recording her vocals for jingles, festival trailers, rap-, introduction- and singing vocals. Her ultimate goal is to record the vocals for an anthem or to be the voice over at a (dance) festival to announce the artist.

With this story about Simone, we can say that social media, in addition to having your own website, is very important. A simple Tweet can jumpstart your whole career, allowing you to enter into bigger collaborations. I am curious about the upcoming collaborations and results from Simone in the future. Do you want to enjoy this adventure of Simone as well? You can follow her via her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify and TikTok.