The song ‘Find Me’ by Caroline Hat

Caroline Hat from Austria with the single Find MePhoto: Marco Sommer

The song ‘Find Me’ by Caroline Hat

Vienna is well-known from their music history and the New Year’s Concert on the 1st of January. The city Vienna has also good artists such as Caroline Hat. But who is Caroline? I will tell you more about her in this article.

Caroline Hat is 25 years old and is currently studying and living in the capital of Austria called Vienna. Music has always played a big role in her life since her childhood. Through school plays when she was 7 years old to a casting show called Kiddy Contest for Kids when she was 11 years old. She won the Kiddy Contest for Kids casting show. She really enjoys being on stage and had a lot of fun on stage.

“After I won this kids casting show I enjoyed being on stage so much that, thinking back, I think I already knew in the back of my head that I wanted to do that for a living later on.” – Caroline Hat

Caroline Hat from Austria with the single Find Me

Caroline Hat | Photo: Marco Sommer

After all this time, she still enjoys performing on stage. She wrote her first music a couple of years ago, but she was not comfortable enough to release something. But after a long period of time, she decided to start her music career. She starts writing songs and released her first single “Game Over” under her artist name ‘Care’ in 2020, together with her boyfriend. He played the music on the piano and Caroline recorded her vocals. Together they made the song and released it as her first single debut “Game Over” in 2020.

After participating in a casting show in Austria earlier this year, she decided to take her professional music career to the next level. She looked for a producer and wrote the song “Find Me” with this producer. While writing, she decided to create a music video that has now been viewed by many people.

“I think in times like these it is even more important to get an image of the artist you are listening too.” – Caroline Hat

The cover of the single Find Me by Caroline Hat from Austria

The cover of the single “Find Me” | Photo: Marco Sommer

The single Find Me

The single “Find Me” was released under her real name Caroline Hat on the 17th of September 2021. I have listened to the song multiple times and I really like and enjoy the song ‘Find Me’ and the music video. The song got a quick intro and she start singing shortly after the start of the song. The voice in combination with the music video (and the background dancers) get you right into the song. In my opinion, the beat and the music fits well with the voice of Caroline. The message of the song comes across well to the listener. I can’t find any disturbing things or minus point. A very successful single release form Caroline! She and all the other people who worked on this song should be very proud of it!

In addition, the music video turned out well in my opinion. Her orange, white and glitter outfit fits well with the music, the location and the mood in the music video. This will help the atmosphere of the music video. She also shows that she can dance well together with the other dancers, in addition to being able to sing well. So she could be a dancer, a musician, an actress and a model in one. I enjoyed the final part with the in-depth situation at the end of the music video. Caroline is in the foreground while the dancers are in the background on the stars. Unfortunately, that means that the song Find Me is coming to an end.


We are looking forward to the next music release of Caroline Hat from Austria! She did a great job with the release of “Find Me” from September 2021. I am sure that her next music (and music video) will be spectacular as well as the music video and the single of Find Me! Are you curious about Caroline? Follow her on Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer and via Apple Music.