The single release “Spirit” by IANADI

Single release Spirit by IANADIPhoto: © IANADI

The single release “Spirit” by IANADI

IANADI is a sing and songwriter from the United States of America and she released her debut single ‘Spirit’ on the 31th of August 2021. She produced this song with the Grammy nominated producer Jon Evans. But who is IANADI? I will tell you something more about her in this article.

IANADI was born in Moldova (Europe) and grew up in Poland. When she was young, she moved to Boston in the United States of America. She started with making her own songs and collaborated with the producer and musician Jon Evans in the music studio CapeCod in 2019.

Her dance experience in the modern dance category is very handy for her music career. This can be seen in her latest music video of her debut single ‘Spirit’ (see the video at the end of this article). Her current song writing style is centred around philosophical reflections on various aspects of life and wandering the crossroads of reality and dreams into her songs. Her music is often born out of sadness but always encompasses a spirit of inevitable future joy.

The single release “Spirit”

IANADI released her debut single “Spirit” on the 31th of August 2021. This song is about the silence of (personal) forces that an artist or a person has to move forward or to want to achieve happiness. It offers a glimpse of enduring hope, of a one-person-scale rebellion against circumstances. She sees the opportunity to fail. However, this does not stop her and so she is just trying.

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