The single ‘Move On’ by Ketsyha from Puerto Rico

Artist ketsyha from Puerto RicoPhoto: © Alex David Morales

The single ‘Move On’ by Ketsyha from Puerto Rico

Ketsyha was born in Puerto Rico and is a R&B, Soul, Funk and Gospel singer, songwriter and producer. She writes music about self-worth, hope and love. But who is the artist Ketsyha? I will tell you something more about her in this article!

Ketsyha was born in Puerto Rico. She is a singer and songwriter and producer with the influences of the music genres R&B, Soul, Funk and Gospel. You can hear her beautiful and powerful voice during her live performances and during her music releases. Her music is about uplifting messages of self-worth, hope and love!

Earlier this year, Ketsyha released her EP You Love Me Like I Am which was well received by the media. This EP was recorded in Los Angeles (USA) and in Puerto Rico (USA). The EP goes about gratitude, hope and healthy relationships with the people around her. The results? She ended up in the Hot 100 Unsigned Artists of 2020 by the Music Connection Magazine. She also appeared in several (music) blogs including the Indie Music Women Blog (featured artist of the day), Soul & Jazz & Funk blog and in The Urban Music Scene!


The song ‘Move On’

The song ‘Move On’ was written after the hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico in 2017. There was a lot of damage. As a result, it was the strongest hurricane in the country and changed the lives to a mindset of resilience for the residents of Puerto Rico.

Ketsyha wrote the song “Move On” which was inspired by this event in 2017. She sings for instance “I got to move on, even if the stars are my roof now.” She is referring to the powerful hurricane that left many residents of Puerto Rico homeless. Now, in 2021, the song got an extra dimension because many people have anxiety, fear and depression which are related to the pandemic around the COVID-19 virus.

“It is one of my most meaningful songs and projects because it was inspired after the hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on 2017” – Ketsyha



She announced that a music video will be released soon about this song. We saw this on her Instagram channel last week. This video will tell the story of four elements: anxiety, depression, fear and loss.

The song “Move On” was released as a single in 2020 (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music). This song was built with a funky bass line and influences from the music genres R&B and soul. You will hear the gospel influences as well in the background. The purpose of Ketsyha is to inspire other people to stand up and overcome the feelings of anxiety, depression, fear and loss and go on in life. Life can bring us a lot of beautiful things and beautiful moments.

The music video is directed by Gerardo Hernández with a number of main actors in the video, which will represent the four elements in the video. The video was created and recorded in Puerto Rico, where Ketsyha was born and is still living. “Move On” was first released as a single and was later included on the EP You Love Me Like I Am. The version for the music video has a couple of edits, so it will fit into the story of the music video.


With the release of the music video “Move On” we will be able to get excited about the upcoming music releases of Ketsyha! She is currently already working on new music which will be released soon! Are you curious about Ketsyha’s new music? Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, visit her webshop or website! Or listen to her latest EP You Love Me Like I Am.

Artist ketsyha from Puerto Rico

Photo: © Alex David Morales