“Red Flags” by FEARDROP (Deniz Celebi) is out now!

Poetry, art and music by Deniz Celebi (Feardrop)Photo: © Deniz Celebi / celebi-art.com

“Red Flags” by FEARDROP (Deniz Celebi) is out now!

When we are talking about art, musician, poetry, civil engineer and mindfulness trainer, then we are talking about Deniz Celebi, also known as her artist name FEARDROP. Her goal is to make an (emotional) connection between art and music which will be the opposite of her serious work as a civil engineer. In this article I will tell you some more about the artist behind FEARDROP and about her latest single release “Red Flags”!

FEARDROP, also known as Deniz Celebi, was born in Germany and got a master degree Civil Engineering with her specialism in statics and bridge constructions. Because of the industry and her work can be cold and harsh, she will compensate this with the beauty of music, art and stimulate all our senses through different media (including music and art).

Her greatest wish is to share her love with other people in her life. This gives you a lot of strength but it also allows you to be the best version of yourself (and continue to develop yourself). By using different kinds of media, for instance dancing, poetry and making music, she tries to target on different audiences. There are people who want to listen to her music, read her poetry or who want to see her beautiful art. If you can’t get enough of that, there is some good news! She will launch her own merchandise soon!

Deniz is, next to her music and art, also busy with making her poetry and making her own podcast. She released her own poetry book called “Insanity”, where she wants to connect her emotions to the other subjects. You can listen to her podcast (in German) via her own website.

The single release Red Flags

“Red Flags” is the latest single release of FEARDROP. This single was released on the 15th of October and was already announced by her Instagram stories earlier. The song is about a person that shattered her emotions. She fed her with her toxic behaviour and breadcrumbs. While dating her, Deniz began to see red flags. At first, she pushed the red flags away so she could develop her personality and her intuition. With the dating process, she recognised the fear of commitment and recognised the process that she wants to overcome by choosing love.

Through this situation, she recognised her fear of making a connection in any aspect of her life. By opening her heart, she let people in who treated her right. The door is always open for good people. But one rule applies: You go in or go out. Don’t stay with the red flags in the doorway.

Because of the pandemic around the COVID-19 virus, the song gets a whole new note. All the lies of the industry, politicians and or own lies. We are showing ourselves and others the red flags in every aspect of our lives. We can end this by being a human, to come alive and to master our own life. To live and to love! You can listen to this single Red Flags on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer and Soundcloud.


With the release of this song, we can conclude that FEARDROP (Deniz Celebi) has proven that you can combine different ways of art in one piece. The video above shows that we can combine music, paintings, drawings and dancing in one video. We will certainly hear more from FEARDROP in the (near) future! Do you want to keep up-to-date with her? You can follow her at Celebi Art, FEARDROP, Spotify, YouTube, Instagram or via Soundcloud.