Jessie Spartano with her song ‘idc’

Jessie Spartano with her music song 'idc'Photo: Jessie Spartano

Jessie Spartano with her song ‘idc’

She studied at the USC education and she hopes to bring the positivity to her listeners with her great music. We are talking about the artist Jessie Spartano. She released her latest song ‘idc’ on the 8th of October 2021. I will tell you something more about Jessie in this article!

Jessie Spartano comes from Los Angeles (United States of America). She believes that her walk with her religion and with her USC education, has given her the courage, wisdom and compassion to share her music in a positive and uplifting way to her listeners.

She believes that music takes us into a deeper level of our humanity, influencing the ability of the human being. Through this you will spread the love and encouragement more quickly. It would be her role as an artist to take the responsibility for sharing the love and the encouragement with the message of the artist.

The lyrics of Jessie have the ability to bring people from different stages of life together. She does this for example by performing live on stage, but also by releasing her songs on streaming platforms such as Spotify or via her YouTube channel.

“Be humble and work hard. Love and trust yourself. Believe and follow the King.” – Jessie Spartano



The single “idc”

Jessie released her latest song ‘idc’ on the 8th of October 2021. The song is about not caring what anyone thinks or say about you. Or when you don’t ‘fit’ within a box of the (social) humanity in terms of your behaviour, clothing or as the way you are as a person. Do the things you love, because people will always judge you and it matters that you go for your own happiness and fulfilment.

We can hear this message in Jessie her newest song ‘idc’. The music in the song is great, her vocal fits well with the music. You will get right into the song when you play this song via her SpotifyYouTube and Apple Music. We are looking forward to the next music release of Jessie Spartano! Do you want to join her adventure? You can follow Jessie via her websiteYouTubeSpotify and Instagram.