About MJB Events PR

After Michael van den Berg successfully completed the education Event Management at the Friesland College (Leeuwarden – Netherlands) in 2017, he continued his journey with the education Media & Entertainment Management at the NHL Stenden University (formerly Stenden University Leeuwarden). He completed this course with his final thesis Merchandising of music artists in 2021.


Due to his (extensive) experience within the event- and artist industry, he found the media side of the events, festivals and artists very interesting. He looks for new (in-depth) theory and knowledge from the (online) media. Nowadays he is working (as a volunteer) with realizing and optimizing websites, doing data analyses, gives social media advise and is doing a lot with online media strategies and photography.


In addition to his work within the event- and artist industry, he is primarily concerned with gaining new knowledge. He does this for example by attending (inter)national congresses, seminars and webinars, following livestreams from the media & entertainment industry, and he takes courses from universities such as University of Virginia, HEC Paris, University of New South Wales and Adobe. He will use this knowledge, skills and experience in all the projects where he is involved with, especially with you. He wants to give you an unique insight into the entertainment industry and will share his knowledge by posting on his website of MJB Events PR.